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Benefits of berries

Who does not love berries? Their taste properties are not inferior to the benefits they bring to the body. As you know, the easiest way Strengthen the immune system - is to include every day in the diet at least a handful of berries, which you like and are considered the most useful for maintaining health.

Prepare berries for future use, as you like: Freeze, cook a delicious jam or just dry it. The berries are amazing in that they retain their useful properties with different treatment methods. The immune system needs to be maintained constantly, so make berry stocks. Choose the most useful berry for yourself!

Medicinal properties of berries

  1. Garnet
    Well, you do not need to harvest a pomegranate, in winter there are plenty in the bazaar. Except that you can pamper yourself with pomegranate juice. pomegranate juice - an excellent hematopoietic agent, it is recommended for anemia, heart, liver, kidney, lungs. Garnet helps normalize blood pressure.

    According to recent studies, estrogens,Contained in a grenade, can alleviate the symptoms of menopause in women and fight depression. Pomegranate juice is good for catarrhal diseases: respiratory infections, angina, cough, fights with a high temperature, is an anti-inflammatory agent.

  2. Garnet

  3. rhubarb
    One of the main beneficial properties of rhubarb is itsAbility to improve digestive processes. On the content of iron and magnesium, the rhubarb passes even apples. These substances are responsible for a healthy sleep and a strong nervous system. Magnesium promotes the build-up of muscle mass, so the plant is recommended to be consumed by lovers of strength training!

    Thanks to succinic acid, rhubarb is recommendedTake to strengthen the heart muscle and eliminate hangover syndrome. Rhubarb is a valuable source of vitamin C, which prevents infection with infectious diseases, protects against colds, supports the tone of the body, pushes off the onset of old age. Rhubarb can be placed on a par with berries as a medicinal plant, it is simply unique in its therapeutic characteristics.

  4. rhubarb

  5. raspberries
    Everyone knows the useful property of raspberries atCatarrhal diseases lower the temperature. Raspberries and its useful properties will also help people who suffer from sciatica, anemia, atherosclerosis. Copper, which is a part of raspberries, normalizes and regulates the work of the nervous system. Which is why people who experience constant stress and nervous breakdown, it is desirable to make it into your diet. Raspberry jam - it's just delicious!
  6. raspberries

  7. cherry
    With catarrhal diseases cherry serves as an excellentAn antipyretic agent, and at a bronchitis and a dry cough berries act as soft, but effective expectorant. Cherry can serve as an excellent preventive against infarctions, thromboses, strokes, angina attacks and complications of arterial atherosclerosis.

    Cherry juice is an effective natural antiseptic,Oppressive pathogens of dysentery. It is very useful to add cherries to the diet of pregnant women, because the berries contain folic acid, which plays an important role in the development of the embryo. This low-calorie berry improves metabolic processes in the body, because it is very useful for those who want to lose weight.

  8. cherry

  9. Strawberry
    Thanks to the magnesium and potassium present in thisUseful berry, it helps lower blood pressure caused by an excess of harmful salts. Strawberries are especially useful for elderly people, the berry rejuvenates the body, positively affects brain function, improves memory, stops aging of the brain and normalizes the work of the nervous system.

    The presence of iodine in strawberries replenishes its deficiency inOrganism. The use of strawberries is shown to patients with diabetes mellitus - it lowers the level of sugar in the blood. Strawberry juice dissolves stones in the bile ducts. That's really a natural healer!

  10. Strawberry

  11. Viburnum
    The decoction of Kalina has excellentAnti-inflammatory and antipyretic properties, for this reason it is often used to treat colds and infectious diseases. This agent also has a sedative effect and reduces the risk of seizures, respectively, used to treat various nervous disorders.

    Juice from wonderful calyx berries is used forLiver diseases. Viburnum - the first cough remedy, everyone knows it. And although its taste and smell is not very pleasant, the impact of the viburnum on the body is difficult to overestimate.

  12. Viburnum

  13. cranberry
    Cranberry contains a lot of antioxidants, andHas anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties. The use of cranberries improves appetite and digestion. Increases the production of gastric and juice and pancreatic juice. This leads to a cure for gastritis with a decreased acidity of gastric juice.

    Berries of cranberries Also have a diuretic and bactericidalAnd are useful for pyelonephritis. The cranberry will save you from beriberi. To interest this berry should smokers - it very quickly makes up for lost during smoking vitamin c.

  14. cranberry

With such wonderful natural medicines you are not afraid of any disease! Do not forget that all the most useful is contained in natural products.

Take care of your health and take care of your loved ones - tell them about this valuable article.