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Useful properties of green tea

green tea - Drink of emperors. It is difficult to come up with a drink that would be moreUseful. Of course, the taste of green tea is very specific, not everyone likes it. But you just have to try it - and you'll get used to its special astringency, unusual aftertaste and subtle flavor.

Read about these Features Green tea, very positively affectingOn our body. Perhaps the next time you have to choose - black or green, you prefer this particular drink, because he really deserves it.

Properties of green tea

  1. Restorative
    Thanks to antioxidants and minerals, green teaHas anti-inflammatory effect. It is known that drinking it is recommended even for cancer patients, as a remedy that can remove the most serious toxins from the body. If you add a little honey to the tea, you will get a toning drink, very pleasant to taste.
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  3. Drink for the brain
    Green tea contains caffeine, which is very strongStimulates brain activity. But if the excess of caffeine that comes with coffee can cause anxiety and sleep disturbances, then in the case of tea, there are no such problems. All because in green tea, except caffeine, contains theanine, which neutralizes its harmful effect on the nervous system. So that a cup of green tea in the morning affects the brain just as crisp as coffee!
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  5. For a shapely figure
    The secret of green tea is that it is essentialAccelerates metabolism. That's why extra pounds go away so quickly and unnoticed. This wonderful tea not only helps in the fight against fatty deposits, it also helps maintain a stable weight, even if you are not on a diet.
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  7. For correct metabolism
    Green tea also contains minerals,Such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus, manganese, zinc and copper. And zinc, which in itself is an antioxidant, is also necessary to maintain a normal level of vitamin E in the blood and promotes the absorption of vitamin A. The iron contained in it plays a positive role in the blood circulation, improves the composition of liquid matter, increases the number of red blood cells.
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  9. Protection from infirmities
    Thanks to the catechin, which is contained in the greenTea in abundance, the drink protects the body from such dangerous diseases as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. This fact is especially important for the elderly.
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  11. For healthy teeth
    Green tea has a pronouncedAntibacterial action. Such harmful bacteria as streptococci recede when they are exposed to active substances of green tea. Thus, the teeth and oral cavity are under reliable protection, no inflammation in the mouth is feared with tea.
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  13. Against diabetes
    Thiamine (vitamin B1) is responsible for the correct exchange of sugar in the body. Drinking green tea, you support the exchange of glucose at a stable level.
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  15. For beautiful skin
    Extract of green tea is extremely beneficialAffects the skin condition and is stronger than any cosmetic. It stimulates its breathing, causes the expansion of small vessels and not mechanically, but cleanses the pores biochemically. Your skin will be very grateful to you for getting rid of unnecessary toxins, and it will also be able to make green tea.
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  17. For a healthy liver
    Green tea markedly accelerates decomposition in the bloodCholesterol and fats that cause atherosclerosis and heart disease. Its regular use maintains the elasticity of blood vessels, prevents obesity of the liver. If you drink after drinking several cups of green tea, there will be no terrible hangover syndrome!
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  19. For youth
    Green tea is capable of "letting the hands of the clockReverse "and slow the aging of cells. Its rejuvenating potential is 18 times greater than the effect produced by vitamin E. Under the influence of substances found in green tea, cells are more quickly renewed. Drink tea and juveniles!
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These incredible beneficial properties of green tea have so influenced me that I want to immediately make myself a couple of cups. A natural remedy that will help To save one's health And improve your appearance, Is very tempting.

If you are impressed by this article, show it to your loved ones. A pleasant tea party!