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The most useful porridge

Porridge - this is, for sure, the most common dish of Russian cuisine. It is ideal for breakfast, because it is rich Fiber and vitamins, And therefore very useful for the body.

"so simple!" Tell you, What cereals are the most useful. Bring diversity to your diet!

Rating of useful cereals

  1. buckwheat
    In this croup contains fiber, vitamins,Folic and organic acids, starch. Buckwheat normalizes blood pressure and lowers cholesterol in the blood. The energy value is 120 kcal per 100 g.
  2. Buckwheat

  3. oatmeal
    Source of fiber and protein, vitamins,Microelements and other nutrients. This porridge will be useful to those who suffer from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. It normalizes acidity and cleanses the body. In addition, she, strangely enough, actively struggles with depression and depressed states. The energy value is 160 kcal per 100 g.
  4. Oatmeal with blueberry

  5. Barley porridge
    Able to keep an organism prone toPhysical activity, in tone. It acts as a preventative against colds, so it will help you to be cured if you are already unwell. Regular use of pearl barley will prevent obesity and help the body fight toxins. Energy value is 88 kcal in 100 g.
  6. Barley porridge

  7. Pea porridge
    Contains a large number of vitamins and minerals. Pea porridge will help you cope with fatigue, a bad mood and will support the work of the cardiovascular system. The energy value is 80 kcal in 100 g.
  8. Pea porridge

  9. corn porridge
    It is a source of vitamins and fiber. It cleanses the intestines. Corn porridge will give you a charge of vivacity and energy for the whole day. It also slows down the aging process. Energy value is 86 kcal in 100 g.
  10. corn porridge

  11. rice porrige
    In rice contains many minerals and vitamins. Such porridge will become a salvation for those who do not tolerate protein. In rice there is a lot of starch and complex carbohydrates that can keep the body toned throughout the whole day. Energy value - 144 kcal in 100 g.
  12. rice porrige

  13. millet porridge
    Affects the metabolism in the body. It is rich in vitamin D, which will strengthen the nails and hair. Even this porridge is extremely necessary in the diet of people suffering from gastrointestinal and heart diseases, because in it - a record amount of potassium, vitamins, fiber, starch and amino acids. Energy value - 89 kcal in 100 g.
  14. millet porridge

  15. semolina
    It is ideal for people with a sick stomach orIntestines. Its enveloping effect protects the digestive system. In the semolina there are not enough vitamins, so it is not recommended to eat more than 2 times a week. The energy value is 100 kcal in 100 g.
  16. semolina

Porridge is a very important product in the diet. Properly cooked food is not only suitable for Dietary nutrition, But still pleases with its unique taste. This dish is loved and cooked all over the world.

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