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Dangerous food additives

To find environmentally friendly products is now very difficult. It becomes more difficult to buy a product without a different kind Synthetic stabilizers, emulsifiers or dyes. And you are lucky if these additives are relatively safe, but there are only a few dozen. And the total number of food additives is estimated in the thousands, and every year there are new ones.

Many of them are extremely harmful to the human body, because they break up into Toxic elements At the temperature of the human body or under the influence of gastric juice. They can cause intestinal disorders, rashes or even cancer. "so simple!" Recommends you get acquainted with the list of the most dangerous food additives and find out how they affect your body.

Dangerous food additives


  1. about! - dangerous
  2. Oo !! - very dangerous
  3. (H) - Prohibited
  4. Pk - causes intestinal disorders
  5. Rd - violates blood pressure
  6. With rash
  7. P is a crustacean
  8. Rzh - causes indigestion
  9. X - cholesterol
  10. N - suspicious
  11. Bac - harmful for the skin

Most manufacturers position their products as Environmentally friendly. We are sure that they are absolutely harmless, but few people read the composition of these products. And if he does, he hardly understands these abbreviations and abbreviations.

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