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10 products for energy

Usually when you feel tired, you immediately run to the kitchen to make coffee. I will not deny that caffeine Gives vivacity. But the burst of energy caused by caffeine is very short-lived, followed by a complete breakdown.

"so simple!" Advises 10 products that will help you open a second breath and without caffeine. They will not only make you energetic, but also raise your spirits.

Products for energy recovery

  1. almond
    These nuts contain vitamin e and magnesium. The use of almonds will give you strength for the whole day.
  2. almond

  3. black chocolate
    Caffeine, which is contained in chocolate, has a slightly different nature. It contributes to the improvement of mental activity and energizes the whole day.
  4. chocolate

  5. Garnet
    In garnet contains a lot of vitamins and minerals: a, b, c, e, p, calcium, magnesium, potassium, manganese, cobalt. He not only cheers you up, but also increases the body's resistance to various infections.
  6. Garnet

  7. Red pepper
    Acute spices, namely red pepper, accelerate the metabolism. So you will feel a surge of strength.
  8. Red pepper

  9. Greek yogurt
    In this product there are many proteins that will make you cheerful. But it is much less lactose and carbohydrates than in normal yogurt.
  10. yogurt

  11. popcorn
    Popcorn can be called an energetic for children. So if you want to put them to bed on time, it's best not to give them popcorn.
  12. popcorn

  13. spinach
    The sailor papa was not in vain eating spinach to become stronger. In this product there is a lot of iron that will increase your activity and give strength.
  14. spinach

  15. Wholemeal products
    Breakfast with such products, you will feel cheerful all day long.
  16. bread

  17. Blueberries
    In these berries contain antioxidants, which promote active brain activity. They also improve vision.
  18. Blueberries

  19. Sprouted wheat
    In germinated wheat there are a lot of vitamins and minerals. This is a very strong source of energy, which also improves brain activity.
  20. Sprouted wheat

Having found out what products can give you energy, you can lead the whole day Active, Without resorting to caffeine. These products are not only a source of cheerfulness, it is also A storehouse of vitamins, Which will strengthen your immunity. Forget about coffee. A glass of pomegranate juice after breakfast - much better!

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