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Sleep in the cold

I never thought that the room temperature inSleep time is of great importance. I thought that if I can comfortably fall asleep, my sleeping conditions are optimal. But scientists think differently. According to scientific research, the ideal Room temperature for sleeping - between 16 and 19 sec.

Addiction to Sleep in a cold room Can take a long time. But you will only benefit from it.

Why it is important to sleep in a cool room

  1. You will reduce the risk of diabetes.
    If you lower the temperature in your bedroom onlyA few degrees, your body will say thank you. You will reduce the risk of catching diseases associated with metabolism, especially diabetes. An experiment was conducted, according to which it was found out that the metabolism of people who slept in cold rooms, improved. These people also burn more calories during the day. These two facts will save you from the development of diabetes.
  2. You will look younger.
    High temperature blocks the release into the bodyGrowth hormone and melatonin. These two hormones slow down the aging process. Therefore, if you sleep in a cold room, these hormones will be allocated more. And, consequently, you will slowly grow old.
    The girl is sleeping
  3. You will fall asleep more quickly.
    In addition to improving the body, you will getPractical benefit. You can fall asleep very quickly, because your body will not have to adjust to the heat in the bedroom. If the temperature in the room is not comfortable enough for sleeping, there is a possibility that you will not get enough sleep at all.
  4. Sleeping naked is useful.
    Another way to cool your body is to sleepNaked. The temperature of your body will decrease and your body will be easier to control it. In connection with this, your body will release less cortisol. It is a hormone that is associated with stress and weight gain.
  5. Sleep naked with someone else can also be useful ...
    Couples sleeping naked, have more openrelations. During this sleep, the hormone oxytocin is released. It contributes to physical and mental health. The presence of oxytocin in the blood increases stress resistance and suppresses depression.

If you lower the temperature in your bedroom onlyA few degrees, you will get a lot of benefits. Your body will slowly grow old, you will feel more happy, and you will significantly increase your stress resistance. Try to start sleeping properly right now!

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