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Useful properties of lemon

Lemon is an ancient preventive remedy and a rich source of vitamin c. in that Universal fruit Also contains a lot of other vitamins andMinerals: e, p, vitamins of group B, potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, copper, zinc, iron, phosphorus, manganese, fluorine, boron, molybdenum, sulfur and chlorine. Not in every other fruit or vegetable can be found such a set, so the lemon is extremely important for human health.

5 useful properties of lemon juice

  1. Source of vitamin c
    The presence of a vitamin C makes a lemonAn indispensable tool for strengthening immunity. The composition of this citrus also includes potassium, which stimulates brain activity and the activity of the nervous system. Potassium promotes the production of red blood cells and regulates blood pressure. In the end, you get a charge of energy, clean skin, strong immunity and concentrated attention.
  2. Ph control
    The ph level refers to the acid-base balance inYour body. Increased acidity leads to illness and fatigue. Often you need to help the body balance this balance. For this you need to consume more alkaline products. Lemon is just such a product.
  3. Assistant in weight loss
    If your body has a balance, youIt becomes very difficult to lose weight. A healthy body and a healthy spirit - this is the fastest way to weight loss. Helping to reduce weight, the lemon also reduces the feeling of hunger.
  4. Lemon improves digestion
    Disturbances in the digestion often indicate serious diseases. Lemon helps to clear the intestines and get rid of bile. It will help bring your body in order.
  5. He will help you stop drinking coffee
    Coffee has great taste and smell. But it negatively affects health - it breaks digestion, harms the nervous system, teeth. Lemon will help you get rid of the habit of drinking coffee.

Lemon in water

To strengthen your health, you must add lemon juice In ordinary drinking water. This citrus can well emphasize the taste of any dish, the main thing is not to overdo it. Finished reading the article? And now is the time to go to the store for lemons!