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Exercises for weight loss

Unfortunately, not everyone has the time and opportunity to visit the gym. But look good - who does not want this? That's wonderful Complex of exercises, Which will help you not only be in good shape, but also lose weight.

All these basic loads are widely known, but thisThe article is useful because we collected them together. Patience to you, success in training! Do not forget to eat properly when you are engaged, and your success will be absolute.

How to lose weight with exercise

  1. Sit-ups
    One of the best and most natural for a personExercises. This movement works through all the muscles in the lower body, including the gluteal muscles and the hamstrings. It also provides a load for the muscles of the body and deep muscles of the abdomen and back.
  2. Sit-ups

  3. push ups
    This is one of the best exercises for the topBody, because it works through all the pectoral and dorsal muscles, hands and even your press. Make sure that your shoulders are located above your wrists. Fold your arms and try to keep the chest and hips as close to the floor as possible, but do not touch it.
  4. push ups

  5. Bridge with a lying position
    The bridge will strengthen your buttock muscles and hamstrings, as well as abdominal muscles, back and inner thighs. You can do this exercise with lifting one leg up.
  6. Brachial bridge

  7. Farmer steps
    Step forward with your right foot and sit down,Until the front knee bends at an angle of 90 degrees, and the knee of the back leg does not touch the floor. Then straighten up and take a step forward with your left foot, repeating the exercise the other way.
  8. Farmer steps

  9. Bar
    Well familiar to us bar. It has become one of the key elements for strengthening the muscles of the body. You can perform this exercise on both bent and straight arms. Make sure your thighs, heels and shoulders are one straight line.
  10. Bar

  11. Triceps workout
    This exercise is for the muscles of the back of the shoulder. If you find that you feel discomfort in your wrists, then try to change their position or take breaks for rest.
  12. Triceps training

  13. Strengthen your back
    This is one of the best ways to strengthen poplitealTendons, dorsal and gluteal muscles, which are often ignored. Stand on one leg with a slightly bent knee, and then lower your body forward until it occupies a position parallel to the floor. After pausing, return to the starting position. Do it several times, and then change your legs and repeat the other way.
  14. Exercise for the back

  15. Keep the balance
    The exercise begins in the palm resting on the palm of your hand andknees. Pull your right arm straight forward. Synchronously raise your left foot behind you so that it forms a straight line with your body and outstretched hand. Then touch the elbow of the right arm of your left knee, pulling it forward. Your spine is rounded at this time, and your chin rests against your chest. Repeat this movement several times.
  16. Balance exercise

  17. a bike
    This exercise roasts real fire musclesBelly, because they are used to stabilize and rotate the hull. It has also been proven that this exercise activates more muscle fibers in the straight and oblique abdominal muscles than standard twists.
  18. a bike

  19. Lower press and back
    This simple exercise will help you strengthenBack and make it less prone to injury. From the prone position, raise the straight legs up to the right angle. Do not tear off the buttocks from the floor. Lower your legs down, and then, without touching the floor, lift it back.
  20. Exercise for the lower press

  21. Attacks
    Most people make attacks only forward orBack. But attacks aside are not less useful. This exercise is an excellent addition to any training plan, because they work out muscle fibers, tendons and ligaments in the other direction.
  22. Attacks

  23. Connect favorite items
    The most remarkable thing about this exercise is that itCombines cardio and force load. It is a complex of movements for the whole body, including the muscles of the hands, back, abdomen and legs. To increase the load, add a jump after straightening.
  24. Complex exercises

  25. Strengthen the lower muscles of the body
    This is a simple but effective way to strengthenThe lower part of the body: quadriceps, hamstrings, buttocks, calves. Bonus: also this exercise uses the muscles of the trunk, which help you to jump higher and maintain balance.
  26. Complex exercises

  27. Pull-ups
    Pull-ups are one of the most difficultExercises with body weight. They load the muscles of the back, chest, shoulders and arms like no other movement. If you can not immediately perform the usual pull-ups, then try to use the help or use a special simulator that facilitates the exercise of this exercise at first.
  28. Pull-up

  29. Jumping
    Sometimes many people do not like jumping, but when it comes toComes to an increase in bone density, then this is a great thing. Such jumps are one of the best plyometric exercises and just fantastically affect also the cardiovascular system.
  30. Jumping hands

  31. Unusual push-ups from the floor
    One of the best complex exercises thatOnly can be found. This exercise combines the load of the bar with the movements of the knees pulled to the chest. Foot movements also load your press and help burn calories. It is very important to monitor the correct posture throughout the exercise and keep your shoulders and body straight.
  32. push ups

  33. Jumping with the pulling of the knees
    These jumps with the pulling of the knees to the chestAre an extremely powerful and fun exercise that will help you strengthen the whole body, including the heart. This is also a great way to improve your agility, strength and increase the ability to jump higher.
  34. Jumps

that's all! Incredibly useful and An effective set of exercises, Which you can use every day. Choose the load on the muscle groups that you most want to work on. The result will immediately affect the figure.

Train with pleasure! Motivate your friends to go in for sports, show them this article.