/ How to get rid of snoring

How to get rid of snoring

Snoring is a very unpleasant phenomenon. The one who snores causes a lot of inconvenience to the person sleeping next to him and harms himself involuntarily. after all Snore Does not give a normal sleep, the saturation of the brain with oxygen is broken - in the morning the victim of this misfortune feels broken and sleepy throughout the day ...

The main reason for snoring is usuallySwelling of the root of the tongue, which in turn makes it possible to say almost unequivocally that problems have arisen in the functioning of the liver. Only by restoring good liver function can Get rid of snoring forever.

A woman snores

Banal kneading of the root of the tongue, that is Logopedic massage, You can forget about the annoying problem for a while ...

For this, simply follow the following simple instructions.

Massage of the tongue from snoring

  1. open your mouth.
  2. Slightly stick out your tongue.
  3. Do about what the doctor did on examination with a wooden stick, only with your index finger - stick a clean finger in your mouth (you can use sterile gloves), get the root of the tongue.
  4. With circular massaging movements push it down towards the chin.
  5. You can also pick up to it from the sides and gently push in the opposite direction.
  6. With swelling of the root of the tongue, when you will have itKnead, it will be a little painful. Adjust the pressure to a comfortable level. You just need to continue the massage until the pain passes. As it passes - increase pressure until again light pain. Repeat until uncomfortable sensations disappear.

Voila! Now you can safely go to bed and do not irritate your loved ones with your snoring. Another important point is that with such a massage of the tongue, vomiting reflex. Read below how to avoid it!

  1. Take a toothbrush and drive it along the tongue from tip to root. So you will determine the place where you are affected by the vomiting reflex.
  2. Toothbrush massage the place thatIs adjacent to a certain point. But do not try to go deeper. Massage can be done during the evening brushing of teeth or specially, at a time convenient for you. Continue it for ten seconds. This is a very unpleasant, but necessary procedure that will help you reduce sensitivity.
  3. You will notice that after a few days of the procedure, the gag reflex manifests itself not so actively. Continue to perform the exercise, if possible, increasing the time of massage.
  4. Increase that area in the language you areYou work with a toothbrush. When you cease to feel the urge of the vomiting reflex while processing the primary zone, move a little deeper. And now for you the main thing is to develop this zone. You do not need to move very far. To gradually reduce the reflex sufficiently to deepen the massage by about half a centimeter.
  5. After overcoming this barrier, start the massage of the next zone, located even deeper, by 0.5-1 cm. If you stop experiencing a vomiting reflex after the procedures, you have coped with the task.
  6. Take into account that the achievement of the desired result is notWill happen quickly. You may need about a month to achieve a reduction in the vomiting reflex. Do not stop training for one day. However, for the sake of such a thing you can and try.
  7. In case if after you stopped doing the exercises, suppressing your gag reflex, and he came back, then repeat the course of massage.

your health Depends on you! If snoring is your age-old problem, it's worth trying to solve it faster. As you see, you do not need to do anything complicated! You yourself, at home you can conduct a similar procedure. Loved ones will appreciate your heroic efforts!

Serene dreams! If you know the unhappy, suffering from snoring, show them this advice - they will be grateful.