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Anti-Wrinkle Remedies

It turns out that some funds that can be bought inexpensively at a pharmacy have more Powerful effect Anti-wrinkle than expensive cream! If you are used to taking care of your skin and want to do this as sensibly as possible, these recommendations will help you. Carefully read and select the means that are suitable for your skin, because in such an important issue everything is individual.

Anti-wrinkle products

  1. Complex of vitamins a and e
    Apply complex on the skin around the eyes in the morning andIn the evening. A good effect gives use within two weeks, then a break for a month is made. These vitamins should be added to face masks and taken internally for 1 capsule 10 days (a break for a month) - useful for improving the complexion, hair and nails condition.
  2. Retinoic ointment
    It is a synthetic analogue of vitamin A and it is prescribed against acne. But the ointment can be used as a cream for rejuvenation and prevention of aging, it improves the skin condition and relieves redness.
  3. Non-standard use of creams and suppositories from hemorrhoids
    These drugs prevent the appearance ofWrinkles. Their cosmetic application can smooth even deep wrinkles. The secret is that they contain the fat of the liver of a shark and other substances that compact and regenerate tissues. They also relieve the skin of puffiness. It is recommended to use it as follows: soften the hemorrhoid candle in a water bath and apply it on the skin under the eyes, and on the entire face. Even Hollywood stars use this beauty secret to refresh their face and to remove bruises under their eyes after a sleepless night.
  4. Vietnamese "star"
    Perfectly tightens the skin. The effect is visible almost immediately due to the impact of many components. Menthol and camphor oil, formic acid, clove oils, eucalyptus, mint, cinnamon, rosehip extract and petroleum jelly - is the composition of the balm. When using balm, avoid the area around the eyes.
  5. Scrub from aspirin
    Is used for cleaning and updating. When soaking (literally one drop), aspirin is granulated, add 1 teaspoon of honey to it and mix. Put the mixture on your face for 10 minutes and massage, like a scrub, then carefully wash it off. Such a weekly mask will even out the skin and remove all redness.
  6. zinc ointment
    It is applied to the entire surface of aged skinThin layer. However, take into account that zinc strongly dries the skin, so after the procedure, always apply moisturizer, especially carefully - around the mouth and under the eyes, where wrinkles are most often formed.
  7. Hydrocortisone ointment
    This means well eliminates "crow's feet." Ointment retains moisture in the skin, and this explains the effect of reducing wrinkles. In what a secret: wrinkles do not disappear anywhere, just a small edema is created, which "stretches" them. Similarly, expensive and rejuvenating cosmetics.

Anti-wrinkle products

Let it always be yours Blossoming view!! Take advantage of these tips, and you'll see thatProblems that previously seemed insoluble, go under the influence of conventional pharmacy. Share with your girlfriends this useful article about the most simple remedies against wrinkles!