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How to recognize a stroke

Annually from Stroke Millions of people die. This disease does not spare any men, no women, no old men, no young people. At stroke the account goes literally for minutes.

Doctors say it's possible Avoid the consequences of a stroke, If they have time to sacrifice within 3 hours. Therefore it is very important to recognize the attack in time. It depends not only on the possibility of further recovery of the person, but also on his life.

How to recognize a stroke

  1. Ask the person to smile (he can not do it or the smile will be twisted)
  2. Ask for a simple sentence (for example "today is fine weather", it will be difficult for him to do this or he will not be able to talk at all)
  3. Ask to raise both hands (can not or only partially lift)
  4. Ask to stick out the tongue (the tongue will be twisted or turned)

If the problem occurs even with one of these steps, you should immediately call the ambulance and describe the symptoms so that the doctors can send a specialized team.


The stroke comes suddenly and unexpectedly. If you know how to find out that a person has had an attack, you can help him. The main thing - do not panic, because you can depend on human life.

If you tell me, How to recognize a stroke To your friends, you can be sure that you will save someone's life, perhaps your own.