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Natural tea supplements

If you add these ingredients to the tea, it willYour favorite drink. Smell, intoxicating aroma, rich color of drink - all this will turn your head. Enjoy fantastically pleasant supplements in tea and remember how positively they affect your health.


What to add to tea for taste and health

  1. anise
    Its fruit is useful to add to tea, as soon as you have an unpleasant sensation in the throat. Such tea can be taken, even if the cough has already begun - it will be possible to recover much faster.
  2. jasmine
    This fragrant plant helps to cope with the general decline in strength and symptoms of chronic fatigue, raises low blood pressure and stimulates appetite.
  3. ginger
    The root of ginger can be rubbed on a grater and brewed with boiling water or added pieces immediately into the tea leaves. It excellently warms and invigorates, activates the metabolism.
  4. calendula
    Flowers and seeds of marigold have bactericidal action, which can help with sore throats or colds.
  5. lavender
    Has a soothing and antispasmodic effect. Such tea will produce just a magical effect for insomnia and neuroses.
  6. mint
    Tea with mint soothes and relaxes. Mint helps against indigestion, at a temperature or critical heat during a cold or flu. Also this tasty plant will relieve irritation and reduce cough with bronchitis.
  7. tea

Nature cares about you! Try to diversify the usual tea with herbal supplements, and you'll see how your state of health will improve.

It is a sin not to use the gifts of nature! Show your friends these Recipes for herbal teas - May their tea be more pleasant.