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Autumn, the weather finally deteriorated: rain, slush, the north wind - and do not catch a cold for long ...

Cold and flu

Soluble powder in bags became commonplace Means for fighting the flu and colds: Drank, warmed, temporarily relaxed ... but the problem is that these drugs do not solve, but only relieve the symptoms! The body continues to function on its own reserves, which weaken even more.

Soluble powder from influenza

"so simple!" Offers a homemade, natural and very tasty remedy for fighting flu and colds. The most powerful ingredients in their properties work at lightning speed!

Home teraflu

Home "teraflju"


  • 2 lemons
  • 2 tbsp. L. Natural liquid honey
  • 30-40 g fresh ginger root


  1. Lemons Carefully wash and dry. Cut into quarters, and then pass through a meat grinder or grind in a combine. If you prefer a taste softer, without bitterness, first remove the lemon peel.
  2. ginger root Peel, sodium on a fine grater, add to the lemon slurry.
  3. Add honey, Mix the mass and place in scalded boiling waterA closing container, for example, a jar of baby food. Keep in the refrigerator. For greater reliability you can pre-sterilize the jar beforehand.

Home teraflu

In the season of cold stir 2-3 tsp. Aromatic billet in a cup with warm tea (no more than 40 degrees, so that honey does not lose its properties) and take after meals for the purpose of prevention. From such a vitamin drink will not refuse either adults or children!

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