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Coffee Scrub

Make a scrub home - great idea. You will not only save time and money, canceling the trip to the salon, but you will be sure that your scrub is made from natural products that do not harm the skin.

Coffee scrub is an ideal option for those who like to groom and cherish their body. Take care of natural beauty and take care of it, and "so simple!" With joy will help you with this!

Use of coffee scrub

To start - we'll figure it out, What is scrub And why you need your skin. Scrubbing is the process by which exfoliation of dead cells takes place, which means that the skin is renewed more quickly. A coffee-based scrub handles this task best. The skin becomes smoother to the touch, the pores are cleaned, the complexion miraculously aligns. Here are a few more useful effects of using scrub:

  • Due to the presence of antioxidants in scrubs, the skin relief is leveled, wrinkles disappear.
  • Kofesoderzhaschie mixture, in contact with the skin, contribute to the production of collagen and elastin in tissues.
  • Thanks to caffeine, the skin is toned down, acquiring good protection against undesirable environmental influences.
  • Is enhanced blood microcirculation, so the skin looks healthier.
  • Improves the speed of movement of lymph, which helps moisturizing the skin, eliminating edema, acquiring tissues of elasticity.

To achieve these positive resultsIt is enough to do coffee scrub three times a week. Remember that you should not have allergies to coffee, open wounds on the face or skin diseases. Gently apply the mixture when hypersensitive or too delicate skin. before, How to apply scrub, The skin should be thoroughly cleaned with usual means for washing.

Recipes for coffee scrubs

  1. Honey-coffee scrub
    Take a teaspoon of honey, olive oil andYoghurt, two teaspoons of drunk coffee. All this must be well grinded to the maximum homogeneous mixture. Massage face scrub need a few minutes, after which it is necessary to leave it on your face for another five minutes, then wash it off with cool water.

    For the body, a scrub is more suitable, in which coffee withHoney (100 grams of coffee grounds, a tablespoon of melted honey) are supplemented with such components: a tablespoon of shampoo, 20 drops of essential oil, a couple of tablespoons of clay. Everything must be well mixed in one container, after which the scrub can be applied to the body in order to smooth out the skin and eliminate "orange peels" in problem areas.

    Honey and coffee

  2. Sugar-coffee scrub
    Main components: Coffee (2 tablespoons), sugar (half cup), cinnamon melenaya (one teaspoon). Elements of the future scrub, stir, filling them with a couple tablespoons of oil (for example, almond or olive) and adding a few drops of essential oil to the mixture. Magic scrub is ready! Before applying the scrub, moisten the skin beforehand.
  3. Oatmeal and coffee scrub
    A tablespoon of the brew left after brewingCoffee, mix with a similar amount of sour cream (any fat content). In the resulting mass add well-ground flakes of oatmeal (about two to three tablespoons). Mix and apply on problem skin.

Thanks to these simple recipes, you will understand what is really Healthy skin. Try to make such a wonderful tool once and look at the result - I'm sure you'll want to use it often.

And most importantly - such simple ingredients that are always found in the kitchen. No preservatives and chemical compounds, everything is natural. Just fabulous recipes!

Let your beauty blossom with every passing daymore! Give your loved ones care for them - these wonderful recipes of scrub came to their girlfriends. Many of them, of course, know about it, but it is possible to remind of such a miracle. Healthy and Beautiful skin - it's simple!