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Graceful posture

You probably wondered why in Japanese women such Graceful posture. And the secret, in fact, is very simple. There is one simple exercise, which they spend no more than a minute a day and thanks to him have such an attractive posture. This exercise contributes to the return of a beautiful posture in the upper body, improves the line of arms and shoulders.

Exercise for posture

Smoothly raise your arms straight upwardsAnd press your hands to each other above your head. Then turn your palms and press each other against the back of your hands. Again turn your palms into position together, and then again with the back side.

Do 10 such rhythmic palm restarts inOne and the other side, not forgetting the straightened body. Feel how the chest muscles stretch, the side parts of the body, the muscles of the arms. Do not forget to follow, so that the hands in the exercise are straightened.


Perform the exercise daily 2 times a day, doing 10 rhythmic coups, and soon you will have a beautiful line of hands and posture. It's very simple, is not it?

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