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Hazardous food products

Today the amount of harmful products on the shelvesSupermarkets far exceed the number of useful. Marketers and manufacturers are deceiving their customers, telling only about the merits of goods, and the composition is hidden behind small letters and incomprehensible components. For security Food products, Of course, monitor the bodies, but what is worth eating, and what is better to refuse, each person decides on their own.

"so simple!" Prepared for you a list of the most harmful to human food. They can not be used categorically, because they are dangerous for your health!

That you can not use

Genetically engineered products

corn sticks


Herring in plastic packing

Cereals with flavoring


Red caviar

Sodium glutamate

Trans fats


And remember: "Food that the body does not digest, eats the one who ate it. Eat therefore in moderation". Now you can not care what and how much you eat, but if you eat Healthy and healthy food, In 15-20 years your body will be in great shape, and you will feel great!

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