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Food compatibility

Separate food today is the mostJustified type of food. This is a separate, immiscible food from different in chemical composition products, in other words, it is the use of certain foods in different meals and at regular intervals.

In the modern "mess" of food transfer to Separate eating Gives a significant effect, facilitating the load on the gastrointestinal tract.

Basic rules for food compatibility

  1. Protein-rich food (Proteins) it is better not to use together withProducts with a high content of starch. This is not worth doing, because the body can not process proteins and starch at the same time. Meat and potatoes can not be digested at the same time, so you must abandon their use in one go.
  2. Also should not be combined together Starchy and acid-containing products.
  3. do not eat More than one type of protein For one meal, because for their processing the body will need a lot of energy. If you limit yourself to just one kind of protein, you can save your energy and you will not be tired.
  4. Do not eat Proteins with sour fruit, Because the enzyme necessary for the digestion of proteins, is destroyed under the influence of most acids, including fruit.
  5. Do not mix it Fats with proteins. Fats interfere with excretion of gastric juice, thereby inhibiting the digestion of proteins.
  6. It is better not to combine Sweet and starchy food In one meal. The first to be processed is sugar, producing an enzyme that destroys saliva amylase, which is necessary for the processing of starch. Eat fruit separately from cereals - so you can get rid of the processes of fermentation in the stomach.
  7. Do not mix it Sugar with proteins. Sugar will prevent the release of gastric juice, thereby interfering with the digestion of proteins. Sugar is digested only after the proteins are digested.
  8. Eat Melon Always separately. It is digested very quickly, which means that if you use it before meals or simply as a mono-product, it will instantly make a "journey" to all parts of the gastrointestinal tract.
  9. Use dairy Moderately and with nothing they do not combine. The enzyme chymosin, which is necessary for digesting milk, is available in sufficient quantities only in infants. In the body of an adult person there is no enzyme that is able to digest milk.

Food compatibility

These 9 rules are the basis of the right and Balanced nutrition. It is important to observe them, to ease the burden on your body. By following these rules, you will look great.

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