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Fish production

On how useful oily red fish,Know everything. And for the brain is good, and for the skin, fatty acids for the body are extremely important ... but here it should be noted that only a high-quality product will strengthen health.

Norwegian Salmon, To the horror of consumers, does not pretend to be a high-quality and safe product. It's not a fish, it's a real fusion of toxins!

Red fish is dangerous

Fish production

French journalists embarked on a journeyFrom Norway to Vietnam, removing the tape about the production of red fish. A few frames, and you no longer want to enjoy delicacy ever! But in fact many specially save, save money to buy red fish for children: this is so useful ...

Catch in Norway brings $ 4 billion inYear and takes second place after oil by profitability. Grandiose business! Of course, fish producers are not profitable, so that buyers know the truth about the fact that this product contains a huge amount of pesticides and can rightly be called the most toxic food in the world. The information that the journalists found out was the cause of this scandal.

Norwegian Salmon Photo

On a small Norwegian farm can grow up to 2 million fish at a time, all for the sake of money. Of course, the myriad of fish in the confined space is constantly sick.

Now there is a real epidemic: fish have necrosis of the pancreas and infectious anemia. To save as much as possible fish from infection, a special pesticide, Which makes meat toxic.

Also on the fish starts Fish louse: A parasite that quickly kills it. To save precious goods, farmers do not disdain to use pesticides. But they remain in the product that live people eat! They themselves walk around the farm in gas masks, and then sell this poison without a twinge of conscience.

"50% of cod and salmon fry on the farm are bornWith a mutation. They can not shut their mouth. It is a gene mutation that it should disappear, 8 generations must live in the sea. A person, if he sees such a fish, does not want to eat it, but if he cuts his head off the fish, then no one will notice ... "

Red fish photo

How much Dangerous red fish, You can understand by looking at just a few minutes of this shocking film. I'm terrified…

When we eat toxic fish we risk our health. Accumulated in the salmon harmful substances can cause serious poisoning and malfunction in the internal organs!

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