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Motives to start running

Running is the most accessible for all people Physical activity. You do not need any special equipment, norPlace for training, you only need sneakers. Running positively affects all human organs. Its effect extends to the musculoskeletal, cardiovascular endocrine and other systems.

It fits all: men and women, the elderly and young people. Running Will bring invaluable benefits to your body!

The benefit of running

The girl is running

  1. Running is an excellent training for the heart and blood vessels. Your heart will be stronger!
  2. During a run, the blood is saturated with oxygen, which improves the body's condition.
  3. Running is excellent A way to combat stress and fatigue.
  4. During the run the hormone of happiness is released - endorphin. When the level of hormones in the blood increases, a person feels feelings similar to euphoria. Depression recedes.
  5. Running stimulates the brain. Jogging can come ideas how to solve pressing problems.
  6. run Strengthens the immune system. In the blood increases the level of hemoglobin and reduces the level of cholesterol, which reduces the feeling of hunger. While jogging improves metabolism and burns fats.
  7. You can run at any time! In the morning, running helps to concentrate and tune in to the working mood. Evening jogs reduce pressure, relax, reduce appetite and improve sleep.
  8. Running improves kidney and liver function.
  9. Regular running has a positive effect on the muscles and skeleton. Especially running is useful for people in their ages.

Even the ancient Greeks said: "If you want to be strong - run, you want to be beautiful - run, you want to be smart - run". So why are not you running yet? This kind of exercise is useful for the whole human Organism. Start running and you will not regret!

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