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Hangover Remedies

New Year's holidays are associated with manyThe inevitability of a hangover syndrome. Headache, nausea, maybe even vomiting, some incomprehensible anxious feelings a bad mood - not the most pleasant feelings.

Therefore, mankind has long been trying to find an effective cure for a hangover. "so simple!" I collected 15 funds from you for this ailment from all over the world.

Hangover remedies

  1. Russia
    Everyone knows that they like to drink in Russia. And this means that the Russians know a lot of ways how to get rid of the most severe hangover. One of the most popular and effective ways is a bath, as steam removes toxins from the body.
  2. Bathhouse

  3. Mongolia
    Also a hangover symptom you can try to muffle with the usual tomato juice, but in Mongolia went on - it is also added pickled eyeballs of the sheep - so that for sure.
  4. tomato juice

  5. Scotland
    If you come across a hangover syndrome inScotland, then the next morning you will be served fresh blood sausage. And you better try not to think that before you baked pork blood with slices of fat and spices, stuffed into the bowel, so that drunk yesterday was not asked to go outside.

  6. Poland
    Not the most original, but precisely working method is used in Poland. cucumber pickle There is very popular.
  7. brine

  8. Puerto Rico
    No, you do not have to chew lime or drink its juice after a hangover in Puerto Rico. You just need to rub your armpits with his flesh. Puerto Ricans are confident that this helps.
  9. lime

  10. USA
    In America is very popular special patch bytox. When interacting with the human skin, he must get rid of hangover syndrome.
  11. patch

  12. Las Vegas
    Las vegas is a special case. In this oasis of entertainment around the city, a whole bus "hangover heaven" (hangover heaven) rides. There they will take care of you and provide you with all the necessary spectrum of vitamins and fluids, from which it will become easier.
  13. A hangover paradise

  14. Peru
    There is also a hangover that you do not want to live. That is why in the pen with this disease they struggle with the help of "soup, which will raise a dead man" - "sopa levanta muertos". It is a broth of seafood, generously seasoned with pepper Habanero.
  15. Seafood broth

  16. Sicily
    The inhabitants of Sicily are sensual and temperamental even in hangover issues. Their main way to deal with a hangover is called a "member". Yes, it is literally the dried genitalia of the bull.
  17. Bovine

  18. Namibia
    In Namibia from a hangover get rid with the help of "bison milk". Only this is not milk at all, but a cocktail of whipped cream, with spicy rum, black rum and creamy liqueur.
  19. buffalo

  20. Korea
    Koreans also prefer to be treated with soup. It is called hejanguk, which literally translates as "soup from a hangover". It consists of beef broth, boiled pork bone and bovine blood.
  21. A hangover soup

  22. Ancient Rome
    Ancient Romans not only conquered the world exquisitely, but also pohmelyalis. The best means of a hangover was a well-roasted canary. It is not forbidden to live beautifully.
  23. canary

  24. Mexico
    In Mexico are treated "menudo". This is a soup cooked over low heat from the stomach of a cow, seasoned with chili pepper.
  25. Menudo soup

  26. Ireland
    In Ireland, for sure, the most strange method of dealing with a hangover - "guilty" bury in the sand, leaving only the head on the surface. Interestingly, it somehow improves well-being?
  27. A man buried in the sand

  28. Hungary
    At first glance, it might seem that in Hungary, the most attractive remedy for a hangover is brandy. but it was not there! That it was considered a medicine, it should be added to the sparrow's litter.
  29. brandy

But the main means for a hangover in the world is Knowledge of the measure. Try not to abuse alcohol, so that in the morning you were not bad. Because even the best medicine will not save you from all the consequences of alcoholic intoxication.

Tell your friends how they fight the hangover syndrome in the world!