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Bath brooms

Can you imagine a Russian bath without a fragrant sauna broom? The traditions of its use go deep into history. It has long been noted that Application of a broom for a bath Doubles the benefits of the steam room. In addition, it is known that each bath broom has its own characteristics and properties.

In addition to the traditional attributes of the bath from deciduous or coniferous trees, both nettle, and sagebrush, and even garlic, were used! Because every Banya broom Has amazing and unique healing properties. Today "so simple!" Will acquaint you with their differences, so that your next trip to the bath is even more useful!

Varieties of bath brooms

  1. Birch broom It's good to catch fire and massage your skin. Leaves, buds, bark and birch sap have healing properties, which makes birch brooms the most popular in bathhouses. Such a broom perfectly suited for muscle and joint pain, for example, after heavy physical exertion.
  2. Oak broom Well calms, and is also known for its anti-inflammatory effect. Such a broom is very useful for people with high physical and mental stress.
  3. Eucalyptus broom Will be your favorite, if you can not live without pleasant fragrances! Such a broom will fill the bath with unique smells and help to relax.
  4. Bath-house A broom from a juniper Improves blood circulation. In addition, such a broom has no equal in bactericidal properties.
  5. A broom from a nettle Is an excellent tool for radiculitis and joint diseases.
  6. Pussy broom Perfect for people suffering from chronic kidney and bladder diseases.
  7. Wormwood broom Fill your steam room with a unique steppeAroma! But be careful, the smell is so strong that not all are well tolerated. It is best to add one or two twigs of wormwood to a birch broom. Thus, it will be possible to use the curative effect of wormwood, without suffering from a sharp odor.
  8. Ashberry besom Well disinfects the air of the steam room. It turns out very flexible, soft and biting.
  9. Lime broom Has antipyretic, bactericidal and diuretic properties.

Sauna brooms

Each bath broom is useful and good in its own way. Choose it best for your health. But do not forget about the fragrances that can fill your steam room. The best thing to use fresh brooms, only they contain many essential oils, phytoncides and other biologically active substances.

Hasten to share these properties with friends, to experience together the useful properties of sauna brooms!