/ / Map of the body on the spine

Map of the body on the spine

In the spine of a 24 vertebral person and 31 pairs of nerve endings. Each of these vertebrae is functionally, or reflexively, Associated with the relevant body Or body system. The problem in any organ can lead to chronic, slow processes or to a violation of the conductivity of the nerve impulse in the corresponding zones of their direct projection - the vertebrae.

Body map on the spinal column

If you feel back pain, It is possible to detect in which vertebrae the"Anomalies", and, consequently, which related bodies have failed in their work. This infographics will help you to find out how the organs of your body are projected onto the vertebral column.

Body map on the spinal column

It turns out, Back pain Can have completely different reasons, because problems can hide completely in other organs, depending on the location of the focus of pain.

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