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How can you do sports?

Often, we do not even think about how, How to do sports. It turns out that most of our habits during training can harm our body.

You knew that you can not listen to music while Run, Because there is a risk of hearing loss? If not, read carefully the rest of the rules!

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  1. jog in the mornings
    In contrast to other items, this is not a ban, butrecommendation. In accordance with human biorhythms, it is most useful to run from 20 to 22 pm, about an hour after supper. After jogging, you can eat only after 40 minutes.

  2. Run on the asphalt
    Asphalt almost does not absorb the tremors thatArise when the foot is repelled from the ground. It threatens your ankle, knee and hip joints and even the lower back. If you do not have the opportunity to practice on a special cover in the stadium, run in the park.

  3. Run along the roads
    During the run you have increased breathing and accelerated metabolism. If you breathe pure air, your body is purified and saturated with oxygen. The gassed air, on the contrary, litter it.

  4. Exercise
    Do not wear old T-shirts and pants for training,Which you wore back in grade 11. Also it is not necessary to buy a tracksuit from pure cotton: it quickly absorbs sweat, sticks to the skin and prevents it from breathing. In the fabric should be lycra, polyester, elastane or nylon. Such a suit will not stretch and it will be good to keep a shape.

  5. Barefoot
    If you train barefoot, socks or evenSneakers on a flat sole, you increase the load on your spine and wear it badly. If you also have problems with blood vessels, you increase the load twice.

  6. Drink "whenever you want"
    Everyone knows that during training you need to drink plenty of water. Physiologists recommend taking 2-3 preventative drinks of water every 20 minutes, even if you do not die of thirst.

  7. Use antipersperant
    During training a person sweats profusely. So your body naturally gets rid of toxins. Antiperspirants interfere with it in this and thus increase the level of slagging of the body.

  8. Listen to audio player
    Recently, a Canadian scientist William Hodgens fromUniversity of Alberta found that the physical load in combination with loud music sooner or later leads to a complete hearing loss. And this happens very suddenly.

  9. Be distracted and be in a bad mood
    If you watch television during trainingOr think about extraneous things, your brain is distracted. He ceases to follow the work of the muscles, they begin to "juggle" and the effectiveness of training drops to almost zero. During the training clearly monitor your actions and feelings.

  10. To be tired
    The physical load will not give you any result, if you are tired.

So that training really benefits, practice according to these rules. Then you will not be harmful to your body and exercise stress Will be really effective.

Tell your friends what not to do during training!