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How to pump up the stomach

Only 1 exercise will help Abdomen flat!! It's hard to believe, but thanks to him thousands of women have found ideal forms. This exercise is ideal for those who want to say goodbye to excess weight.

How to pump your stomach at home

Bar - a universal exercise that helps to correct the figure. Performing it only once a day, you will strengthen and tighten the muscles not only of the press, but of the whole body.

How to pump up the stomach

How to pump your stomach at home

Start exercising while lying downBelly, bending elbows at an angle of 90 degrees. Pay special attention to the abdomen and thighs: maximally strain the muscles of the press and buttocks, in no case lift the pelvis up.

Doing the exercise, try to breathe deeply andevenly. For greater effect, imagine that there is a glass on your back with water, which in no case can be shed. Try to keep the position of the bar up to 1 minute.

Perform the exercise 3 times in a row every day, when the free time falls. A month later the result will be felt!

How to pump up a belly for a week girl

In this video, you can see in more detail how to properly implement the bar.

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